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First Semester Update of the Pioneer F4LA Schools in Leyte

Leyte - Last May 2017, FundLife signed a partnership with the Department of Education Region VIII, which allowed the organization to introduce and deliver its Football for Life programme to public schools in Leyte. Three schools from Tanauan, Palo, and San Joaquin, Leyte were selected as pilot schools, and they started at the beginning of this academic school year. Four months into the programme, F4LA has successfully delivered a total of 70 Sessions, directly engaging up to 200 children.

Football for Life Academy or F4LA was designed as a complementary support to the education and holistic formation of children through sport. It served as another avenue for learning for children in school. As part of FundLife and DepEd’s agreement, the schools also ensured that the participation and progress of the students enrolled in the programme are guided and closely monitored by both the school and the organization. As an extracurricular activity, students are also given extra points to their MAPEH classes as an incentive to join the programme and to encourage consistent attendance. F4LA’s main target group are those from grades 7 to 11, ages 12 to 17.

As a result of the F4LA pilot, teachers have already expressed how the programme has been positively affecting the students’ behavior, both in and outside of class. It They have commented on how it has also fostered friendship and a sense of community, as the programme is inclusive of children from across ages, classes, and genders. Students who are also engaged in the program have also shown an increase in attendance in their classes.

FundLife’s goal for 2018 is to further improve by the programme through regular consultations with DepEd and expand the programme into more schools.

The partnership of FundLife with the Department of Education is a huge step towards its goal of advocating for holistic and play-based education and whilst delivering greater opportunities to underserved children. While it is still very early in the the partnership, there are very encouraging signs in the level of collaboration and cooperation seen in the first four months. We remain hugely optimistic and excited to follow the progress of the F4LA enrolled children and share the findings over coming months.

A huge thank you to the principals, teachers, parents, and school coordinators who have supported us in these first few months of F4LA in the schools, and most especially to the students who are keenly and actively taking part in the programme! Your support greatly motivates us to continue our work. We strongly hope we can bring F4LA to more schools and communities in the future!

Photo Credit: Margaux Inocando

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