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Football for Life joins the Streetlight Cup 2016!

Ormoc City, Leyte - Last 27-29 August 2016, our friends from Streetlight Philippines, Inc. in cooperation with the Leyte Football Association, Ormoc Soccer Association, and the City Government of Ormoc, organised the Streetlight Cup 2016, which was held at Ormoc Sports Centre in Ormoc, Leyte. Football for Life sent 6 teams to compete in the said tournament, including one team composed of our coaches and friends.

It was a fun-filled weekend for both our coaches and players, and everyone enjoyed their games, especially our U18 Girls and U13 Boys' teams who won the Championship in their respective categories.

Seeing how emotional and momentous the tournament was for our players, we thought that what happened during that weekend is better told in their words, so we asked some of them to share with us their personal thoughts and experience on it.

We hope they speak for the event's success, the lessons our players learned from it, the memories they made, and what has wonderfully transpired during the Streetlight Cup 2016.

Being an athlete, it is also important to meet new friends and have unforgettable experiences, especially when you play in far places. To just play is not enough – we should also enjoy and love the game, learn how to accept failures, and be a sport.

I am a football player who has a big dream – a dream that makes me strong and inspires me to keep on playing football.

I enjoyed a lot during the Streetlight Cup. Even though my preparation and training were not long enough, I still defended my team and played well. That day, I wanted to show everyone that I deserved that game – I deserved to join.

As a selected player, I was happy and proud to represent the F4L Team Kawayan. I was so excited and I did not even t know where to put my happiness when we won the Girls U18 Category. The feeling of being a Champion is so good! Although we did not get to tour the city enough, I still thank God for this opportunity he had given to us.

- Charlotte Nerja

In the beginning, I was trembling because it was my first time to attend and join a football tournament. However, during our games, I thought of thinking positive because I know that God is always with us to help us overcome this challenge.

During the championship game, my whole body was still shaking though because of the nervousness I felt inside. My teammates and I said to ourselves that in our last game we should be serious because in our previous ones, we were just laughing and enjoying it. We got to a draw, so we had to do a penalty shootout. I was the first kicker, and when I walked through the line, I got very nervous because I thought that the ball would not go in. At that point, I thought of the quote, “Nothing is impossible if you believe in God.” Fortunately, the ball went in and I was very thankful.

When my next teammate also made a goal, we already expected that we were going to be the Champions. However, the other team’s keeper successfully blocked the two succeeding ones, and it became a tie. Ella, our keeper and last teammate to kick the ball luckily made a goal! We then became sure that we were already Champions. We were all very happy and it felt like we were in heaven.

My teammates and I are very proud of each other and also of our coaches who trained us well.

- Hazel Agero

​I would like to thank our coaches for inviting us to join the tournament in Ormoc City. Thank you because we learned a lot there, including improving our attitudes. We know that you love us so much, and we hope you keep on teaching us football for a long time because you bring us happiness. That is my only wish from you, and I hope it comes true. If it were not for you, we wont be able to go to far places just to play football. It was my first time. Thank you for everything.

- Jan Rey Juanos

My teammates and I are so happy for being part of the tournament. We appreciate and are very proud of our coaches who trained us very well. Our games in Ormoc City were very challenging because we had so many competitors.

We had difficulties in defeating our opponents, but in the end, we still became the Champions!

In the evening before we travelled back to Tacloban, we attended the awarding ceremony that was held in Ormoc City Plaza. I was very happy because it is our first time to win the Championship, and I wish that it would happen again someday.

- Marinella Tiangao

Congratulations to all of the participants of the Streetlight Cup 2016, especially to our Football for Life players. You kids are amazing! We are all so proud of you. ~

*some text were translated from Tagalog

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