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FundLife Celebrates Children's Month 2022

In line with the Children's Month Celebration, FundLife initiated simultaneous play learning sessions centered on Child Rights and Child Protection which were participated by 175 students from elementary and secondary schools in Leyte.

Aside from the various team games, the students also learned about their rights as a child from being born to reaching their fullest potential. They also learned about the corresponding responsibilities that they need to take action on.

''I know my rights as a child from our school but I only learned about my responsibilities. It is quite different from my understanding that I am young and I am still free from responsibilities,'' said Gian, one of the active students from Lucio Vivero Central School.

The sessions also enabled a safe space for children to share how secure and comfortable they feel about the community they live in and the school community in which they participate.

After some discussions with their co-students, they became aware of the various risks and abuse that minors like them are vulnerable to such as bullying, harassment, and trafficking.

They were appeased when they found out that there are laws that will protect them from any danger or any form of abuse.

''Using purposeful play to provide a more meaningful learning experience for children is truly amazing not only for the learners but for me as well. This strategy does not only make it easy for children it also helps them to develop a love for learning because they enjoy the process,'' said Rojie Mae, one of FundLife's Learning Aides.

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