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FundLife Celebrates UN Day of Play with 'Move for Play' Community Runs across Manila

In a spirited celebration of the UN Day of Play, FundLife, hosted the 'Move for Play' community runs in Manila from June 9th to 11th. The community runs, supported and delivered in collaboration with Rockwell Run Club and EZ Run Club, saw over 350 enthusiastic runners participating over 3 days to advocate for every child's right to play.

The 'Move for Play' community runs emphasized the significance of play in a child's development, underscoring its role in fostering creativity, resilience, and social skills. By bringing together a vibrant community of runners of different abilities, Move for Play showcased the transformative power of community-led activations in driving behaviour change and raising awareness for the millions of children who are denied a basic right to safe play.

"Play is not just a child's right; it's a fundamental aspect of healthy development," said FundLife's Operations Manager, Kimberly Lopez "Collaborations like these demonstrate how community engagement can amplify our message and effect real change through real actions."

The campaign also highlighted the broader benefits of play for adults, working with vibrant running clubs to urge more people to incorporate playful activities into their routines. Engaging in play promotes physical health, mental well-being, and strengthens community bonds. Corporations supporting such initiatives can enhance employee wellness and happiness, fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

The Move for Play campaign will continue throughout June and was made possible through the generous support of the running communities across Metro Manila.

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