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FundLife Continues to Deliver In-Community Education Sessions Throughout December

In December, FundLife was able to continue with the educational community led sessions through football led by the Football for Life Academy and Girls Got This coaches for children from 10 to 18 years old. Every session the coaches focus on social issues that affect children in their day to day life. All sessions follow the strict health and safety protocols under the guidance of the LGU's, making sure all players are checked on symptoms before attending the session and maintain social distancing during the trainings.

This month the focus was on Gender Equality, Safe Spaces and Teamwork. Through fun games and activities the coaches teach the players about issues and try to keep it fun but engaging by letting the children interact with each other and talk about experiences they have faced themselves.

We want to teach our players the importance of being knowledgeable about concepts that are important to them as future adults and leaders in their community. We encourage them too, to give their opinions and have confidence in their own voices. It is therefore wonderful to see when our players give their thoughts during the discussions after each game/drill.

One of the players even told the coaches that it is amazing how they are having fun and at the same time, learn about the world they live in through the games we teach them. He also said that through attending the sessions, he has become more productive in his school work. As one of his motivations is to finish his tasks so his parents allow him to attend the sessions as long as his modules are done before Saturday.

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