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FundLife International brings Arsenal in the Community Coaches to Cebu!

Cebu City - FundLife International, in partnership with Cebu International School (CIS), brought their Arsenal in Community Coaches to Cebu City to deliver a football clinic as part of their programme. The "Arsenal Summer Football Clinic” was held last 11-17 June 2017 at the CIS Soccer Field in Talamban, Cebu City.

With the goal to promote football and deliver professional level of coaching, the summer clinic was conducted by both international and local coaches - Arsenal Coaches Joe Mackenzie from Scotland and Esther Mano from Zimbabwe, and Football for Life Coach Bernard Basas from Tacloban City. They were supported by Sir Ace Pierra, Athletics and Activities Director / CAS Coordinator of CIS. They delivered a total of 10 sessions during the week, which covered basic topics of football and taught them how to “Play the Arsenal Way”.

​The football clinic was open to all children who were interested, and it brought together 15 players from ages 5-14, with players from CIS and other schools in the city. The training successfully concluded with a mini tournament for the players, and certificates and prizes were given to them for finishing the programme.

The coaches were also invited to have a session with Giuseppe FC, a sports league in Cebu City, with the help of Pandoo Foundation, an NGO based in Cebu who has recently partnered with FundLife International.

FundLife International’s Football for Life Programme and Arsenal in the Community share a common goal of using football to aid in the development of children, most especially in underprivileged areas. The Arsenal Summer Clinic is part of FundLife’s efforts to expand their reach and promote their Football for Life programme in Cebu, as well as to bring children from different backgrounds together, with the help of Arsenal in the Community. CIS is the first international school - and venue outside of Tacloban City - FundLife International has successfully delivered this programme to. ​~

​FundLife International wishes to thank CIS, Pandoo Foundation, and Giuseppe FC for warmly welcoming our team and for their continued support. We look forward to working with you again in the future, and hope that this first collaboration opens opportunities for more schools and clubs to get involved!

Photo Credits: Ace Pierra

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