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FundLife Joins Give2Asia Platform to Increase Engagement with US and HK Donors for COVID-19 Relief

FundLife is pleased to announce our induction to the Give2Asia platform, a US-based non-profit to offer philanthropists, corporations, and foundations a trusted, tax-friendly pathway to support charitable causes across Asia.

The new agreement with Give2Asia will help FundLife connect with US-based and Hong Kong Donors while also providing confidence to independent supporters by allowing do direct donations through the Give2Asia in an effective, seamless and tax-efficient way.

The Give2Asia platform will specifically highlight FundLife’s COVID-19 Emergency Response efforts, which have already reached over 40,000 highly vulnerable people and youth through a combination of food, hygiene, education and health relief.

Despite the slowdown of COVID-19 cases across Visayas region, children and youth face a prolonged education and protection emergency. Schools have remained shut for over 400 days, placing over 20 million students in danger of being left behind. Moreover, the economic impact on the most vulnerable has put adolescent girls as increased risk of GBV and online abuse as families struggle to cope.

To donate directly to FundLife’s COVID-19 Emergency Response, please visit our page on Give2Asia here, or for more information please email

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