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FundLife Joins the Celebration of Children's Month

In celebrating International Children’s Month, FundLife’s youth mentors facilitated a two-day celebration with fun and engaging activities that champion children’s rights and welfare in the new normal. This year’s celebration covers the issues concerning children’s rights to survival, development, and protection in the new normal setting.

On the first day, emphasis on the history and importance of Children’s Day was given by showing videos about child rights and making the children draw how they see themselves years from today. The children enjoyed the activity since they were able to rediscover their dreams and aspirations in life.

On the second day, the activities revolved around celebrating the child in every human being.

The children watched a movie entitled The Little Prince. During their sharing, the children realized the importance of having a good childhood and acknowledging the inner child in the adults. Veronica, one of the participants, said that she learned to respect the adults around her more.

On the other hand, Kenjie Mar shared that children need to be guided by responsible adults and have a happy childhood to grow into good people.

The movie reminded the children and youth not to forget about imagination, creativity, curiosity, and wonder as children because these values can make them more productive as they grow into adults they were meant to be in the future.

A total of 70 children and youth from Tacloban City and Palo, Leyte, participated in the celebration. FundLife continues to advocate for children’s rights and protection to live a healthy life free from abuse and harm.

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