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FundLife launches series of Community play-based Educational Sessions

With the suspension of school activities for more than a year since 2020, including training sessions within our Football for Life Academy (FFLA) program, children remained at home with little to do. In order to help mitigate adverse effects of quarantine isolation, FundLife has launched a series of community play-based small group education sessions in February of 2022. The topics covered include: strengthening awareness of proper hygiene and sanitation during the pandemic, basic skills of football and futsal, and empowering children and young people by educating them on their fundamental rights and ways to

protect themselves from any form of abuse.

FundLife has launched the #stayathome program earlier, providing online training session videos, including those wherein our coaches demonstrate home exercises and games that reinforce COVID-19 prevention measures. However, not all children have access to the internet. Thus, small group live sessions were still needed to reach vulnerable youth in some communities. The small group live sessions also served as a venue for peer support for children and youth through FFLA coaches and volunteer mentors.

A total of 50 small group community play-based sessions were conducted by FundLife youth mentors in 7 community sites and 1 child care facility for boys.

I learned that it is important to have SMART goals -- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Making the vision board was a good activity so that I know about what I want for my life. The session will make me a better person by being aware that achieving goals need work, patience and perseverance. - Jeff Jay, 13 (Topic: My Goals in Life)

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