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FundLife leads consultations with Parents and Stakeholders for Post COVID-19 Learning Priorities

By Kimberly Lopez

Kamustahan which means to say hello and to inquire about the condition of something - is a consultation activity initiated by FundLife to regularly meet the parents and guardians of children participating in different projects. These consultations were specifically conducted for the FundLife Leadership Academy; Reach to Teach (FLA; R2T) Project in partnership with Edmund Rice Foundation Australia (ERFA).

‘’My child is very excited to attend the learning sessions because of the games and the stickers that Teacher Maia rewards them with,’’ said one of the parents who participated in the Kamustahan with FundLife on January 22 and 26, 2023.

These dialogues were organized to inform parents about the activities and events that their children participate in with FundLife. Here, the teachers present the performance of children within a specific coverage and highlight the improved behavior and attitude of children during classes. In return, parents verify the consistency of these actions inside their homes.

During the dialogue, parents comfortably shared some concerns regarding the safety and security of their children, especially since they also play football. The learning aide in charge of the different school sites assured the parents that there are safety precautions in place followed in every session and that there are also available first aid kits that youth mentors can use should a need arise.

The parents and guardians also used this time to share the significant changes they observed in their children at home and in their daily interactions; one of which was noticing their children’s ability to read compared to when they were still not part of the project. The parents also emphasized the energy and excitement of their children to attend their classes and actively participate in school activities.

They also become more tuned in to their needs - be it in sports or normal classes. One parent even shared how she happily bought second-hand shoes that her son can use during tournament days.

Due to the positive result of these dialogues, the next Kumustahan will be during the portfolio days of the partner schools of FundLife. On this day, parents will visit the school to see the project and class outputs of their children. They will also receive report cards from the class adviser of their children for a more specific guide on their childrens’ progress.

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