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FundLife opens new Community Learning Hub in Tacloban North!

As we near the two year mark of this global pandemic, marking almost 720 days since children have been in the classroom, the Philippines remains the only country that have yet to reopen schools to children. This has caused a huge impact on the accessibility of education for all. E-learning options are only available for those who can afford gadgets and access to the internet. Even the current modular form of education has proven to be very challenging for most, as it requires young children to study and answer modules all on their own.

Working to make sure access to quality education remains a foremost priority, we continue our efforts to support communities, schools, and local government units to make learning for Filipino children and youth more accessible and manageable.

In partnership with the City Government of Tacloban, the Tacloban North Communities Association, and the Rotary Club of Kandaya – Tacloban, FundLife opens its Community Learning Space Initiative at the only community library in North Tacloban Villages. Now young children can have access to a safe and conducive learning space outside their homes.

The Community Learning Hub is open to children aged 5-13 years old who live in the North Tacloban Communities and are presently enrolled in SY 2021-2022. Every day the hub caters to up to 60 children per village.

Here, they have access to the hub’s reading materials, storybooks, and educational toys for at least 2 hours per batch. During the two-hour duration, FundLife facilitates alternative fun learning activities and reading and writing classes for the children. Despite them not having access to a physical school, children can still learn while having fun.

“It’s a good thing that we have FundLife supporting us in making sure that classes and activities in the learning hub continue. Seeing the children all excited to access the space brings hope to quality education,” Arthur Golong, the Habitat Village HOA President, expressed.

With this Community Learning Hub, we are ready to #rebuilddreams and give the Filipino children a chance to make #dreamsincolour this 2022.

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