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FundLife's CLS Resumes in Line with the Official Start of the School Year 2021-2022

In line with the official start of classes for School Year 2021 – 2022, FundLife once again opened the Community Learning Space (CLS) in Libertad, Palo Leyte.

With the strong support of the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) and Libertad Elementary School’s Faculty and staff, the ongoing study sessions in the CLS are able to cater to 45 academically challenged learners from Grade 4 – 6.

The students participate in fun games and learning activities facilitated by the youth mentors.

They are also trained to develop good study habits and time management to cope up with the current learning setup.

The learning aides were able to facilitate 80 hours of classes in the three established CLS - in Palo (Libertad) and Tacloban (Tagpuro and Ridgeview) in October. Currently, 91 learners are participating in the learning sessions. 58 of which are boys and 33 are girls.

Aside from the teaching support provided by the learning aides they also hold reading classes. This was initiated after finding out in the initial classes that students are either slow readers or non-readers - one of the root causes of the learners' poor learning performance.

It was observed both by the partner teachers, parents and even learning aides that children become more motivated to attend the classes in the CLS. They participated in discussions about the lessons in the subjects they struggle with - English, Math, and Science.

They were taught about computation techniques and did plenty of exercises to ensure that they could grasp the lesson.

They also participated in singing some songs when they discussed notes and musical symbols. The children also enthusiastically participated in games and artwork sessions.

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