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FundLife welcomes new young future champions for the FFLA family

It’s now official! 55 excited boys and girls participated in the kick-off activity of Football for Life Academy Program in San Jose Central School (SJCS) and Kapuso Village Integrated School (KVIS) on 18th October 2019.

Twenty seven (27) participants from SJCS, seventeen (17) of which were girls took part in the session, while in KVIS there were 28 participants in total. Twenty-two (22) of which were boys.

The training session was facilitated by Senior FFLA Coaches, Marvin, and Jhean.

The training session was facilitated by Senior FFLA Coaches, Marvin, and Jhean.

“It was fun. At first, I felt shy because I feel awkward kicking the ball but later on when we had the counting number games we started to share waves of laughter. Some activities were hard but then we were able to complete it all. We just had to talk to each other and think of a good strategy,” said Jamaica Malate new FFLA player from San Jose.

The support of the school heads and focal teachers of SJCS and KVIS played a big role in making the event possible. They took responsibility for making sure that the children will show up during the schedule and that parents are well aware and consented their children’s participation.

“Having the play activities to kick off the program is a good decision especially some of the interested kids are hesitant thinking that they need to be football players. As you see now more kids want to join because they saw how the kids had fun and enjoyed the games and activities,” said Mr. Romulo Orbeta, Futsal coordinator of SJCS after the kick-off activity.

With the children’s vigor and enthusiasm to take part in the program, both teachers and FundLife hopes that they’d be able to gain learning and positive experiences that will help them improve their performance in school and attitude towards learning.

“Ma’am I was not included in the initial list of players but I would like to join the training session next time because I want to experience the fun that my friends had because of the games and activities they participated in. I will wear shoes and jersey and I will ask my mother to sign the social contract also,” said Labahanan Richard a grade 5 student in SJCS who developed a liking and interest to take part in the FFLA program after watching the kick-off activity.

Another fruitful day for FundLife and the opportunity to take part in helping DepEd shape children from marginalized backgrounds become successful in their future endeavors through inclusive and holistic education.

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