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FundLife youth mentors resume COVID-19 learning sessions for children in Palo and Tacloban

Through a partnership with the Barangay Local Government Unit of Libertad, Palo Leyte and San Isidro, Tacloban, FundLife initiated a COVID-19 Educational Session Response for children from 10 to 18 years old started last Monday, August 3 2020.

This pilot initiative aims to provide play-based learning sessions to children and youth in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working under strict health and safety protocols and under guidance of the LGU's , FundLife has agreed to deliver 25 educational sessions that will reach 90 children (50% girls) from three different communities. Many children have been without access to learning since March 14th, and these sessions, in addition to sharing key COVID-19 health information are also intended to provide much needed access to learning for children and youths. These communities were included in recently conducted survey about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Children and adolescents in these areas expressed the negative psychological and emotional effects of the pandemic.

FundLife youth mentors and coaches designed sessions that target to strengthen the awareness of children and young adolescents on hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition with special focus on responsiveness to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through football and carefully planned play activities children would be given a safe platform to learn while playing.

The pilot implementation will involve the Barangay Health Workers to ensure that the local health protocols will be consistently followed. Together with the coaches, youth mentors and other community leaders, they will create a peer group who can provide emotional and psychological support for children and young adolescents affected by the quarantine and the pandemic.

Based on the signed Memorandum of Agreement with the BLGU of Libertad Palo and San Isidro Tacloban the pilot program will run for three months. Children will be divided into two batches. Each batch of children can participate in a two-hour session twice a week.

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