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Girls Community League Tacloban - Season 1 officially ended with a bang


After 15 Futsal games in 7 Saturdays, a total of 52 girls from 6 teams participated 945 hours of developmental sessions for the 1st season of GCL.

CUTE FC winning the first league Championship of GCL-Tacloban

“Today’s final match does not only mean that this is the end of the opportunity for you girls to be able to play Futsal and to learn. Today is just the beginning of many more games and self-discoveries. You should be proud because through all of you more girls are interested to join the league. More interested to part of the advocacy of empowering young girls like you.” said Kimberly Lopez, Operations Manager of FundLife International during the final matchday of the Girls League on March 30, 2019.

Among the six teams, Cute FC managed to stay on top of the whole league. They dominated 4 of their games and had one draw. The team scored 10 goals which helped them secure the top spot with 13 match points.

“Everyone in the team played well. Even we're not able to attend some of the games because we have to prioritize our practice matches for the regional athletic we felt at ease because we believed in the capacity of our teammates. We learned a lot and surely we will use all this in our upcoming tournament where we will represent Tacloban.” Lyra Mae Cajudo, forward of Cute FC

Lyra Mae was awarded as the Most Valuable Player among those who participated in the GCL. She was recognized as the model player who knows how to step up as a leader whenever her team is struggling be it during the match or in the developmental sessions that her team attends every after the games. Her influence on other players had been exemplary.

The second place was snatched by Sangkay FC who secured 3 wins, one loss, and one draw. They were recorded as the top scoring team of the league with 14 goals, thanks to the very competitive team who showed good offense with their lead player, Marian Chrisly Yman who delivered 5 great goals. Eventually, she got to Golden Boot Award because of her amazing ball reception and confidence in making leading the team offense.

In total, Sangkay FC had 10 match points earning the second place. The team was also awarded as the Most Empowered team because of each player’s strong support in the FundsLife’s advocacy of helping young girls become more vocal in what they feel and helping other GCL players learn to stand for their own beliefs and opinions even in simple conversations inside and outside the court.

With 3 wins and 2 loses, San-Ezero-One FC won third place. They also scored 6 team goals, securing them 9 match points. They were also awarded as the most inspirational team for their evident persistence and resolve which encourages other teams and player to stay positive despite losing games. Each member of the team struggled during their initial matches but finally learned to complement each other as days went by. The positivity that they always show in every Futsal match brought unforgettable memories to all other players.

There were also girls whose skills and personalities improved in levels that the other players and coaches observed. Jearna Faye Catindoy from Cute FC and Althea Nicole Cahido from San-Ezero-One, both showed a different level of performance in their respective matches all throughout the league. They were both awarded as the Most Improved Players.

After the matches and the awarding ceremonies, coach Jhean facilitated a series of fun games that the girls participated. They sang a song, played balloon race. They also played Futsal with their coaches while waiting for the vehicle to send them home as a culmination activity of the International Women’s Month celebration.

“It was fun, it is an honor to be selected to receive the Most Improved Player award. This kind of recognition helps me to push myself harder to do my best. We have just proven everyone that we can play futsal and that we can do things as long as we focus and use our skills and abilities in the outmost.” Althea Nicole Cahido, one of the most improved player during the league.

Five among the GCL players are part of the Futsal varsity team who will participate in the Eastern Visayas Athletic Association (EVRAA) – the regional athletic meet. #GirlsGotThis #LessTalkMoreAction


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