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Masked on Buttons NFTs lend support to 200 children during ongoing COVID-19 Education Emergency

Masked On Buttons (MOB), a community designed NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain is supporting the distribution of 200 ‘Dream Packs’ for underprivileged children, as part of FundLife’s ongoing COVID-19 emergency education response.

The MOB donation will allow FundLife to reach an additional 200 marginalized children across Leyte with vital learning and play resources, as well as deliver mentorship sessions to children and youth.

It has been more than 638 days since the onset of the pandemic and the children and youth have been out of school since then. It is the biggest educational crisis in our lifetime, with the most vulnerable children continuing to suffer as they await school reopening and access to teachers.

To learn more about FundLife response to COVID-19, please email covid19response@fundlife.og or visit

About FundLife

FundLife is a community-led not-for-profit organization delivering direct support to children in short-term and chronic emergencies in the Philippines. Through access to purposeful play, quality education and positive youth mentors, FundLife ensures even the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential. We believe every dream is worth fighting for - Follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

About Masked On Buttons

Masked On Buttons (MOB) is a series of NFT collections minted exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain. The collections feature button-eyed, strangely colored characters wearing face masks. Each MOB artwork is digitally hand-drawn up to the smallest details, unique, and comes with a variety of attributes and rarities.

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