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Monthly Update: Community Learning Space classes in Tacloban

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

For February, the FundLife Learning Aides initiated a total of 45 study hours, with a total of 12 classes throughout the month, providing learning activities and mentoring session for 66 boys and 58 girls from three different Community Learning Spaces in Tacloban.

Through the support provided by our volunteer teachers and youth mentors, non-readers from one CLS site in Tacloban are starting to improve their reading skills. In another CLS the learning aide observed improvements in the learners' diligence in accomplishing modules within a given period of time. They no longer have any hesitation in completing answering the exercises and activities in all their subjects since they can consult and seek help from the learning aides if they come across difficult terms or complicated instructions.

FundLife's Community Learning Space serves as an avenue for students and young learners to study and find semblance of a school setup while doing their learning modules. Our dedicated volunteer teachers and learning aides have helped empower these children and foster a sense of love for learning.

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