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Nipha from Cambodia joins Team F4L for the week!

Tacloban City -For years Nipha was a beneficiary of another Sport for Development organization, SALT Academy. Today, at age 22, she is the highest ranked women's football coach in Cambodia, with an AFC 'B' License, and is currently the Head Coach of the Phnom Penh Crown Football Club U-11 Boys Academy team.

Nipha will spend a week with us, leading daily coaching development meetings, assisting in structuring fun and challenging session plans, coaching Football for Life sessions, leading a discussion group about how to approach life with a strong work ethic, and sharing her personal narrative of overcoming the odds in life.

Thus far, Nipha’s trip has started off with great excitement and hard work. FundLife coaches have been soaking up her words like sponges. Their eagerness to learn from another young, SE Asian coach with different ideas/approaches to teaching football will certainly give FundLife’s Football for Life program an extra boost!

On Nipha’s behalf, she looks forward to learning from our local coaches and children in the Football for Life program. Nipha believes the best way to continuously grow and develop as a person and a coach is by challenging oneself in a new environment.

Nipha is a wonderful example of the power Sport for Development programs possess. We look forward to our coaches continuing Nipha’s teachings throughout the Football for Life program!

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