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  • Leo Abuda

Relive the Memories: Fundlife’s New Normal Football Festival

The building blocks of education have been put into place and classroom learning seems far-fetched as the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak with new virus variants that are more potent. UNESCO estimates that 91.3% of the world’s students were learning remotely, with 194 governments ordering country-wide closures of their schools and more than 1.3 billion students learning in online classrooms.

FundLife International is at the forefront of harnessing the power of play and innovative education, adapting to the signs of the times. Addressing the needs and gaps of the young men and women who are feeling isolated,  disconnected, and confused, FundLife initiated Community-based Sessions.

On the 23rd of July, FundLife fruitfully conducted a New Normal Festival which aims to culminate the 23 small groups Community-based Educational Sessions. The sessions are centered on the psychosocial engagement for vulnerable children who are affected by the pandemic.

The activity celebrates the commitment of the highly vulnerable youth for attending the past sessions. It also aims to recapitulate the learnings, innovations, and success stories of each player while assessing the gravity and positive impact of the sessions on them.

The covered court was filled with merriment and laughter as the  19 young men and women under the FundLife program excitedly anticipates the series of educational activities prepared by the coaches and FundLife’s youth mentors. They were divided into two groups, namely; Team Solid and Team Green Archer.

While strictly observing the minimum public health standards and health and safety protocols, the event commenced through a Futsal game which was facilitated by Coach Marvin.  The coaches and the youth mentors watched the players in awe and sheer gratification.

A series of interactive learning activities like COVID-19 Game, Self-awareness and Leadership, Safe Space, Healthy not Healthy, Gender Equity, Illegal Drugs Use and Prevention, Mental Health, Child Rights and Child Exploitation, and Child Protection, and Savings Game were facilitated by the coaches and the youth.

Moreover, Coach JP announced the list of the players with awards. Mark Alfon bagged the Team Leader Award, Most Valuable Player (MVP), and as part of the Mythical  Five (5). Sherwin Ida, Mike Rodrigo, Rafaela dela Cruz, and Arman Tado completed the Mythical Five (5). Team Solid won FundLife’s New Normal Champion and Team Green Archer grabbed FundLife's New Normal Challenger.

Geared towards youth development and empowerment, it is envisaged that the interventions of FundLife will shape a better future for the highly vulnerable youth.

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