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San Joaquin Football Festival 2017 Part II

Palo, Leyte - Last 22 July 2017, the San Joaquin FC hosted the their second Football Festival at the San Joaquin Elementary School in Palo Leyte, and Football for Life again took part in the games. A total of 18 players were selected from across the 9 sites of F4L to form two teams under the U12 Mixed and U15 Boys. As F4L does, this opportunity was again given to those who regularly attend the practices and sessions of the programme.

The two teams of F4L showed great enthusiasm in their games. The U15 Boys Team didn't make it to the finals. However, even if they didn’t win some of their matches, the players weren’t discouraged but instead continued to play and enjoy the games. The F4L Coach for the day, Robelyn Villas, told the kids that it doesn’t matter if they lose, as long as they did their best, played fair, and had fun on the field. Sure enough, the boys were smiling all throughout the afternoon, laughing and joyfully bonding with their teammates despite their losses.

On the other hand, the U12 Mixed F4L Team performed really well on the field - well enough for them to win the Championship. The small ones have proven their great progress, from when they first started with F4L up to now.

To our F4L teams - for believing in yourselves and showing great sportsmanship in this tournament, you made us all proud! Congratulations to all of you!!

Also, to the San Joaquin FC - congratulations for organizing this successful event, and thank you for continuing to invite Football for life. We hope to join you again on the field next time! :)

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