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UNITY AND OPPORTUNITY || 6th Sama-Sama Games

“We are all one.”

​This is the main message FundLife International aims to deliver in its annual football event, the Sama-Sama Games. Now on its 6th year of celebrating unity through diversity, the games specifically targeted to give opportunities to players from disadvantaged communities. It took place in Tacloban City on 24 June for the U12 Mixed, U14 Boys, and U17 Girls Categories, and on 01 July 2017 for the Men’s and Women’s Open Categories.

This year, FundLife International partnered with Globe Telecom Inc. (Republika ng TM), to organize the event, in conjunction with their programme TM Football Para Sa Bayan (FPSB), which also aims to deliver and use football as a tool to empower underprivileged youth. They are also in search of two young players - a boy and a girl from the U12 and U14 categories – from across the Philippines to send to Malaysia for an Advanced Football Training Programme, in partnership with Malaysian counterpart, Astro Malaysia. To facilitate the selection of players from the 37 qualified participants, the Green Archers United, a professional football team and Globe's delivering partner in TM FPSB, held a 2-hour football clinic prior to the tournament proper on Day 1.

The children showed much enthusiasm and excitement on the session, as they were told of the possibility of being sent overseas for an international football experience. The coaches were very skilled in handling the young kids and engaged them well in the drills. The football clinic concluded with four players being chosen as candidates, and the final players to be announced by August.

The tournament officially commenced after the football clinic on Day 1, and a total of 151 players and coaches from 15 Teams participated for the U-Categories. It concluded with F4L Caibaan, Don Cillo FC, and F4L Inspirations announced as champions in their respective categories.

The tournament resumed on 01 July for Day 2 of the games, and a total of 156 players and coaches from 16 teams came from different areas across the province of Leyte. The much older players exuded more competitiveness and skill but still maintained the general friendly atmosphere of the Sama-Sama Games. The entire games concluded with the Sangkay FC declared as Champions of the Women’s Open Category and the RTR Leyte All Star declared as Champions of the Men’s Open category. Trophies, medals, and certificates were awarded to the winners and runners-up.

The Sama-Sama Games has since been greatly encouraging football in the region, even engaging players from as young as 7 years old. More importantly, though, it has continually been successful in bringing people from diverse backgrounds together, effectively promoting its message of unity, fairness, and equality, and that excellence should be showed in and out of the field. ~

Congratulations to all of the participants of the 6th Annual Sama-Sama Games, especially to the winners and FundLife International’s Football for Life players. We hope to see you all next year!

​The Sama-Sama Games would like to thank its Delivery Partner, Globe Telecom Inc., and its, Venue Partner, Bethel International School, for their continued support.

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