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Uplift Education Launch and Celebration

Last February 16, 2023, Girls Got This and FundLife launched the Uplift Education program; a project to support marginalized sectors and vulnerable groups. Its aim is to ensure that the students will stay in school and gain vital self-confidence and belief in their ability to gain and sustain educational outcomes.

The launch was held in Marigondon National High School in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu in the Philippines with junior high school students aged 16 to 24 years old. Present on this rainy but exciting day were 5 FundLife-Cebu staff, FundLife Executive Director & Directress and 3 teachers from the school. After signing in for attendance, the students were brought into the computer science room where they listened to and participated in preliminaries.

A brief history of FundLife, through the presentation of the project lead was given. It was elaborated on by the FundLife Directress, Miss Olga Balbina. After that, a presentation about the program was shared to the students to brief them on what to expect throughout the activity and for the Uplift Education project. A Message of Support was delivered by one of the representatives from RISE, our active partner in this project. This was followed by the Uplift Education Launching done by our FundLife Executive Director, Marko Kasic. Then, the principal of Marigondon National High School Mrs. Lina Maiso gave a partnership message. The most awaited part was the Unveiling of the Uplift Education Banner and the Ceremonial signing of commitment of FundLife, RISE, and Marigondon National High School. This was signed by representatives from all three parties. Afterwards, an educational message entitled “A Youth Journey to Digital Citizenship” was given by a selected student from Marigondon National High School, Van Angelique Vendiola. Finally, a call to action about Uplift Education Moving Forward was done by our very own SPC, Marie Angelique Villamor.

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