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A COACH AND A PLAYER || Coaches Across Continents 2016

Tacloban City - The Coaches Across Continents training has taught me a lot and I have learned many lessons from the fun and enjoyable activities that we had. They conducted a specially designed football curriculum and it was truly remarkable!

Apart from the technical football skills, the curriculum also covered different topics such as the promotion of health and wellness, equity, conflict prevention, social inclusivity, children’s rights, and vital life skills. Through playing football, we were taught how to communicate better and how to identify, address, and solve problems specific to our communities.

I want to share and replicate these new activities I have learned to the kids when I coach. Through games, they tackle social issues and convey powerful messages, which are very helpful to the youth.

However, the best lesson I have learned from the CAC is about what being a coach and a player is and the advantages of being one, such as meeting and learning from a lot of people. In their unique self-directed learning model, I also learned about the keys to success, which discusses more about our choices and how education helps us in making the right ones.

I hope that these lessons learned by playing football will adapt into success in the real world. It is simply wonderful that I learned a lot from CAC. Soccer can make the world a better place. ~

Jhean Hessel Nierras

Football for Life Coach

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