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FundLife Empowers Staff and Partners in Strengthening Child Protection Measures

On October 17, 2023, FundLife conducted the Case Management and Referral Pathway Systems Training which aimed at fortifying child protection measures. The event was attended by 4 FundLife staff members alongside 2 focal representatives from different partner communities.

Facilitated by Ms. Xhelxea Francesca Lerios, the Resource Person from Department of Social Welfare and Development, the session commenced with a comprehensive discussion on handling disclosures, reporting abuses, neglect, and exploitation, and delineating the proper channels for filing complaints. A highlight of the session was an engaging role-play exercise, illustrating various scenarios that underscored effective referral management within the organization, schools, and communities.

The afternoon session delved deeper into the intricacies and processes of the referral pathway systems, emphasizing the ongoing and consistent need for enhancement of internal case management and the refinement of the organization's referral pathway framework.

The discussions were fruitful, fostering an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and collaborative strategizing. The FundLife staff and community partners actively contributed their insights, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and alignment on bolstering the safeguarding mechanisms for vulnerable children.

The session not only aimed at augmenting the organization's approach but also sought to empower staff and partners with practical tools and strategies to navigate and address critical child protection concerns effectively.

The event wrapped-up with a sense of shared purpose and heightened readiness among participants to apply the acquired knowledge and frameworks in their respective roles, fortifying the protective shield around children in their care.

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