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FundLife launches Community Social Enterprise project in Cebu with The Green Pantry

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

30 young women (aged 18 to 29 years old) attended the launch of FundLife’s Social Enterprise project that aims to provide a social entrepreneurship pathway and training for the participants in Sambag 1, Cebu City.

The Community Social Enterprise project is in partnership with The Green Pantry, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant which promotes quality and healthy food for all.

Through a series of FREE workshops and training sessions, this project aims to support young women to learn valuable skills needed to launch their own plant-based community canteen. With the support from The Green Pantry, participants will be trained in confidence-building, e-commerce, micro-enterprise, and food preparation.

In photo: Mr. Jonel Ucab, President and plant-based chef at The Green Pantry giving an introduction about owning and managing a vegan/vegetarian food business.

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