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FundLife participates Equal Play Effect Convening in Jakarta, Indonesia

FundLife International Inc. through its organization’s representatives, Ms. Marie Angelique Villamor and Ms. Rojie Mae Valiente, participated in the Equal Play Effect Convening in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 24-28, 2023.

Equal Play Effect gears towards gender equity in football. It is an experiential and action-based program that supports everyone participating or involved in football to enforce gender equity and work against discrimination, prejudices, and stereotyping, especially those directly targeting and affecting women and the non-binary community.

The Equal Play Effect launched in Indonesia is led by Common Goal and Women Win and Creating Chances, with the Adidas Foundation as its impact sponsor. It engages six football for good organizations across six countries in Asia Pacific. FundLife International is among the many football for good organizations that took part during the Equal Play Effect Convention with Football United in Myanmar, Football for All in Vietnam, Play Onside in Thailand, Inspire Indonesia, and We United in Nepal.

Equal Play Effect hopes to drive change with supporting organizations to embed gender equity at the heart of football and promote it in key leadership roles as well. It is also steadfast in its goal to increase the proportion of women coaches and ensure that every girl has a woman role model. Equal Play Effect is optimistic to leverage on experiences and role models to reach, inspire society, and transform football culture into a welcoming and inclusive space for all. It also, of course, encourages an increased participation of girls on the pitch.

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