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FundLife to Hold Football Clinic, Workshop during OVP Visit in Samar

Tacloban City – FundLife International, through its Football for Life Academy (FFLA) programme will be holding a football clinic and workshop at the Salcedo Central Elementary School in Samar on 01 August 2018, through the invitation of the Office of the Vice President.

The football clinic and workshop will be held on Wednesday for the sixteen (16) student-athletes of Salcedo Elementary, who are also the official varsity players of the school and who will be competing for the 2018 District meet.

Two FFLA head coaches will facilitate the clinic and workshop, to be assisted by two members of the FFLA delegation to the FIFA Foundation Festival, an official event of the recently concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and two top FFLA football players from the Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries (TSCHI), an FFLA partner school in Leyte. Through these activities, the FFLA team hopes to impart the skills and knowledge gained at the FIFA festival in Moscow.

The FFLA football clinic is part of the OVP’s 2-day event, 01 – 02 August, in Salcedo, Eastern Samar where new sports equipment will be turned over to the local public elementary school, through the efforts of their Angat Buhay initiative.

Through Angat Buhay, the student-athletes from Salcedo Central Elementary School will receive brand new sports equipment (football, softball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, sepak takraw, boxing, and track and field). The donation is from Solana Land and Real Estate Corp., through its chair, Mr. Gian Valero.

A football friendly match will be held on 02 August, Thursday after the official turnover of the sports equipment.

The FundLife-FFLA team will be joined by representatives from the Department of Education – Tacloban City Division, Mr. Ivannovich Agote, Senior Education Program Officer for Social Mobilization & Networking and Crissvil M. Villamor, Project Development Officer, and from the TSCHI, Tanauan, Leyte, Mr. Rufino Almaden, Sports Coordinator.

The presence of representatives from the Department of Education demonstrates the continuing partnership between FFLA and DepEd in bringing football to public schools; complementing the exisiting PE curriculum, to which it serves as the main engagement and empowerment tool to aid in the children’s physical and social health, values formation, and personal and interpersonal growth and development, as well as using the sport for social development.

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