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#GirlsGotThis: Girls leading the first match day of Summer League

TACLOBAN CITY — FundLife continued its goal on women empowerment and equality through a series of matchups between the eight newly-formed teams of Girls Community League (GCL) – Tacloban. The said teams participated in the first matchday of Football For Life Academy (FFLA) Summer League held at Brgy. 59-A Multipurpose Hall, Tacloban City on Saturday, May 11.

A total of fifty-one girls were in attendance with ages ranging from 14 to 20 and most are amateur soccer players who are willing to take the bragging rights upon winning the Summer League championship. The girls conveyed with their teams after hearing their game schedules during the match day 1. The first match was supposed to be against Sagkahan National High School (SNHS) girls and Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries (TSCHI) girls but the latter failed to complete the minimum number of players required to play the match. SNHS was declared as winner by default.

The second match was between Sangkay FC and San Jose National High School (SJNHS). Sangkay FC showed that even at a disadvantage in number of players they can still win the game. With three players the team scored two goals through Sharaniel Natulla’s genius play backed up by Juliet Dumdum’s goal nailing the game to 3-0.

The third game was dominated by Los Aguilas Football United (LAFU) - A securing 7 goals and left Palo National High School (PNHS) goalless by the end of the match. LAFU’s team B and San Isidro played the last game for the first round. San Isidro only had 4 players which made it difficult for them to play against LAFU – B. They concede 4 goals ending the game with the score 4-0 in favor of LAFU - B.

The girls had their brake to strategize for the round two of the competition as the kids plays their first matches for their respective catgory. In the second round of games, the teams of Sangkay FC, SNHS, SJNHS and LAFU - B dominated their respective matches.

In the spirit of sportsmanship LAFU - B offered their extra players to play with TSCHI’s two present players Althea Cahido and Everette Cadion and they played an exhibition match.

​“I like the fairness of the tournament. It was a bit hard to focus on the activity (completing the tangrams puzzle) when it was our turn for the developmental session while the other teams are playing because I wanted to cheer. Another thing I learned after the matches that we played for was it does not matter if your team is complete or not. If the team communicates well and work together they can still win. As for us we still need to improve our communication as a team and also our attitude towards each other and to other players,” said Regene Panelo, SNJHS player.

“My inspiration while playing today is my family. Joining FFLA has been great for me. I have made lots of new friends and improve my skills. Socializing with other players makes me more confident. I think that will help me become a leader back in my community,” she further shared.

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