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Labogon FC dominates season 1 of Girls Community League Cebu Futsal tournament

​CEBU CITY, Philippines–Labogon FC dominated the first season ofGirls Community League (GCL) Cebu Futsal tournament after clinching four titles all in all, two from the concluding Cup tournament on Saturday, July 27, held at the Sisters of Mary School (SMS) Girlstown in Talisay City.

GCL Cebu’s first season was a two-in-one tournament wherein it first had a league-type competition and the teams with the most number of wins getting the title. Then, it was followed by the Cup tournament wherein the top eight teams from the league-type tournament manned the upper and lower brackets.

Labogon clinched both the Girls 17 and Girls 15 titles of the League. In the Girls 17, Labogon just conceded one of its nine games to finish at the top with 24 points. Its only loss came at the hands of Tayud FC, 0-1.

In the Girls 15, Labogon was the hands down champion after winning all of its 11 games with a total of 33 points. Finishing as runner-up in the Girls 17 is Abellana National School (ANS) which had a 6-2-1 win-loss-draw card equivalent to 19 points.

In the Girls 15, taking the runner-up mantle is Guardian Striker A with its 24 points owing to a 7-1-3 card.

In the Cup, Labogon FC took the titles in the upper bracket of both Girls 17 and Girls 15. Labogon blanked Tayud FC, 2-0, for its third title then edged Guardian Striker A, 2-1, for its fourth title. It advanced to the finals in the Girls 17 at the expense of SMS, 6-5, via a penalty shootout after the regulation match ended at 3-all.

Tayud, on the other hand, clinched its finals ticket by going past ANS, 2-1. SMS compensated with a third place finish following a 2-0 blanking of ANS.

In the Girls 15, Labogon routed Tayud, 5-1, for its finals ticket while Guardian Striker A thrashed Kamagayan 2-0 for its chance at the title.

The lower bracket title for the Girls 17 was bagged by Guardian Striker while SMS A bagged the Girls 15 title. Finishing as runner-up was Giuseppe Football Club (GFC) Capitol.

The tournament was organized by the Giuseppe Football Club (GFC) in partnership with Fundlife International with the aim of empowering girls for gender equality and social inclusions through futsal and football.

(This article was first published in Cebu Daily News.)

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