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Partner Schools and Communities attend Digital Literacy and Safety Training

On June 17, 2023, a total of 30 participants attended FundLife’s Capacity Building and Upskilling of Partner Schools and Communities on Digital Literacy and Safety. Among the schools present were Cordova Public College, Gothong Memorial National High School, and Marigondon National High School. They were joined with the supportive partner communities from Pasil, Guizo, Dumlog, and Tangke.

The event tackled discussions of Content Creation and Social Media Platforms, along with Digital Engagement, Empowerment, and Ethics; important topics for both partner schools and children experiencing the digital age. The participants were able to appreciate the world of content creation and understand the definitions of blogging, and micro-blogging, as well as learn how these industries and initiatives are monetized. The session also included a lesson on digital trends, where participants were introduced to the newest ones as well as educated on terms which are widely used by their Gen Z students.

At the end of the session, the partner schools and LGU’s were able to create their own Empathy Map where they discussed their individual roles in a digital world run by data, algorithms, and misinformation. As a whole, the participants were able to enhance their knowledge and skills on digital topics, trends, and issues. This overall increased their awareness on child protection topics in the digital space.

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