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Year-end Fun Learning Festival 2023: Fun Educational Tour - Christmas Edition

The Year-end Fun Learning Festival 2023 organized by FundLife International on              December 9 and 16, 2023 was an enjoyable mix of educational endeavors, festive cheers, and safety awareness campaign during the joyous Christmas season.

Themed as the 'Fun Educational Tour - Christmas Edition,' this vibrant event brought together a total of 273 enthusiastic learners from 15 different partner schools of FundLife for a memorable day of learning and play during the festive Christmas season.

For the first part of the activity, the festival commenced with a colourful display as students marched proudly, showcasing banners proclaiming festive greetings from their respective schools.

The activities kicked off with engaging games such as:

Big Paper Dance: Encouraging teamwork, this game challenged teams to fit within a Manila paper whenever the music paused, promoting coordination and teamwork.

Christmas Karaoke: A musical game where teams participated in a friendly competition, singing beloved Christmas carols while adding an element of strategy and fun.

The second part of the activity was used to discuss safety and security during the Christmas Holidays. A crucial aspect of the festival focused on safety awareness through interactive 4 stations:

Good Hygiene and Sanitation: The learners engaged in word hunts; matching the words that they found to its definition, learning the importance of hygiene practices and spelling words related to cleanliness.

Environmental Sustainability: The learners sorted out trash into recyclable, biodegradable and non-biodegradable classifications. Coupled with educational talks, this highlighted the significance of responsible waste management.

Road Safety: Through storytelling and identifying safe travel practices, learners grasped vital lessons about staying safe while navigating roads.

Child Rights: Groups passionately engaged in recalling and comprehending child rights, fostering awareness and understanding among participants.

The festival concluded by recognizing and honoring student achievements in various categories, such as 'Most Improved Learner,' 'Bright Kid,' 'Bibo Kid,' 'Most Behaved,' and 'Most Diligent’. 

As the event concluded, it left memories of joy, learning, and new-found sense of responsibility among the young participants, ensuring a brighter and safer holiday season ahead. "The Fun Learning Festival 2023 wasn't just an event; it was a platform where education seamlessly blended with celebration and safety awareness," – a youth participant said. 

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