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FundLife and Girl Rising held first-ever Explore More Possibilities workshop session

“We want people to trust and respect us (girls) because girls can also do what boys can do," said Girl's Community League (GCL) player from Calbiga Samar, Kimberly Ann Arcenal when asked about her viewpoint regarding gender equality.

A total of 18 girls from Calbiga Samar participated in the first-ever "Explore More Possibilities "workshop session last Sept. 7, 2019, at FundLife headquarters.

These girls who are also participating FundLife’s GCL (Futsal) eagerly participated in the activities and seatwork’s that coach Patrina, FFLA coach and instructor in Eastern Visayas State University – Tacloban facilitated.

Following the Explore More Possibilities Toolkit Training with coaches and teachers, this session with Calbiga Team A and B will be the first from the many workshops targeted to cover more than 800 girls from marginalized communities in Tacloban, Samar, and Leyte

During the session, the girls watched a video featuring Ruksana, a girl who came from a poor family who despite all the struggles in their everyday life continues to strive to reach her dreams for herself and her family. After this, some girls gave their observation and feedback about their own stories with the inspiration of Ruksana’s life.​

Throughout the workshop, girls were very attentive and participative in sharing their own experience and thoughts in every point of discussion.

The integration of this workshop into the developmental sessions of GCL will not only help the personal development of girls but also strengthen their awareness and understanding in Gender Equality which will help them and the people around them break the barriers that are holding them down towards a better future.

While all the girls from different teams who are participating GCL will undergo the three-session workshop, the same activities will be conducted in schools which will purposively include boys to establish a support group who can help create a society who empowers and provides equal opportunity for girls.

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